Areal Hardturm Stadium

The project for the ‘Areal Hardturm Stadion Zürich’ was developed taking into account the competition program (Wettbewerbsprogramm) and the Test Project provided by ‘Amt für Hochbauten’ from ‘Stadt Zürich’.

The exercise has proved to be highly complex due to the strong constraints at all levels, namely at functional, technical, spatial and financial levels. The proposal seeks to harmonize all these factors in a balanced way.

In this case of a two-team stadium, FC Zürich and GC Zürich, there were two principles that we wanted to follow when designing the project. The first, related to identity. Clubs have an identity, they come from a certain place, with a certain culture. This Stadium is from Zurich and could not be from another location. Its identity is revealed outside the building in a symbolic way, through the colors and themes used in the entrance and exit doors of the public at street level.
The second, related to the inner workings of the building, is related to the equal distribution of spaces between the two clubs. In other words, in our view, there should be no privileged club in terms of space compared to the other. In this way, the locker rooms, the presidents’ rooms and other spaces were designed in such a way as to provide the same accessibility and function.

As far as the ‘Haupttribüne’ function is concerned, was facilitated direct access from the ‘Gönner’ to the ‘Gönnerclub’ stations by locating the latter on the ‘Passarelle West’ floor and passing all gastronomy related functions to the floor 1, which serves exclusively this effect. In this way, mixing of different functions on the same floor is avoided and the ‘Gönnerclub’ gain natural light. In order to avoid visual contact with visiting fans through the windows, will be placed metal gratings in the gaps.
The same principle will be used in Passarelle West. In order to avoid visual contact between visiting fans (Gastfans) and fans of FC Zürich and GC Zürich, will be used vertical blades in ‘Z’ shaped galvanized steel with a spacing of 10cm (sufficient to prevent visual contact and maintain a permeable surface that appears lightweight) and with 3m height (enough to hinder the throwing of objects onto the public road).

ClientCompetition - Stadt ZurichYear2012StatusFinalist