Real Vinícola – Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos

As part of the rehabilitation project of the buildings of the Real Vinícola complex, with includes Casa da Arquitectura, is also the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra. This institution, without its own facilities until now, promotes the creation, research, dissemination and training in jazz, playing the role of a National Jazz Orchestra.
It is located in the south side of the Real Vinícola complex, with a space for the project CARA (Center for High Artistic Performance) where they promote the dialogue between art, technology and science, through multidisciplinary projects.
This wing has spaces for rehearsals, offices, social rooms, practicing and recording rooms with different capacity.
Space was organized through principles imposed by functional requirements and the constraints imposed by the program itself that limited formal and material choices.
The occupation of the building explores the void of abandoned volumes with the combination of materials that invade and occupy space. The appropriation of different scales, compositions and combinations of materials result in multisensorial experiences consequence from the acoustic effect created in certain rooms.
The contrast is felt between the exterior of the building, large and bright, and the interior, which, through soundproofing, leads to different temperature atmospheres. The interior functions as an instrument, in a game between the alterning elements, such as the rhythm of the wooden slabs and the weight of the pre-existing stone, leading to a diversification of textures, colors and lighting results, which influence the spatial perception it experience.
By exploring the potentialities of the senses and their impact on the apprehension of a space, we tried to create this harmonious combination of new and pre-existing materials, keeping the memory and history of the building present in the projected atmosphere.

PromoterMatosinhos City HallYear2017Linkwww.archdaily.comPhotographsLuís Ferreira Alves